The Pope is a Chicken!

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agen ibc (2015-10-25)

good blog. thank for everything you do of us.

judi bola (2015-10-25)

wow it nice for chicken. Thank you i like this blog

The REAL Chicken Pope (2010-06-06)

What is this nonsense of a "drawn" chicken pope everyone knows the chickenpope is a real person. IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown (2006-12-20)

I liked your site. thanks

Migeyc (2006-12-10)

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Leonid Britvin (2006-12-07)

You best site very nices. Thanks owneri. Beti.

Eric (2006-12-07)

John (2006-12-07)

Test (2006-11-27)

Hi all! G'night

Unknown (2006-11-23)

you were great to make such a site

Bob (2006-05-31)

Yes, I see it now. He IS a chicken. Oh well...

Rat Singer (2006-03-05)

Woohoo! The guestbook is back! Long live the guestbook!

Robert Ruci?ski (2005-04-10)

Sp fuck you well and fuck off!
best wishes to fuck ass

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